Associate Experts

Business Automation Associates employs numerous Associate Consultants with specialized skills and experience, to participate in expert assignments and consulting projects. Included among those consultants are the following (click on underlined names to see their professional biographies):

  • Steve Ditty: ERP implementation including a focus on project management and testing.
  • Hank Ganster: Outsourced and cloud-based services, service level management, I.T. support and operations, and software development release management.
  • Martin Prunty: Call center systems and software, telecommunications systems and networking.
  • Barry Schnur: Computer forensics (eDiscovery), applications and networking.
  • Jon Seidel: Software development and software project assessment/planning.
  • Edward F. Weller III: Software quality and project management.
  • Leslie Williams: Telecommunications systems and networks.

For engagements involving other technologies, Business Automation brings in associates with the appropriate specialized competencies including software/web development, Apple Macintosh, Unix systems, software project management, process control systems, CAD, computer training, and computer market research. Mr. Hilliard also draws as needed upon an extensive list of consultants, business contacts and industry professionals built up over his 30+ years in the computer industry.