Computer / Software Procurement, Governmental Regulations & Tax Matters Expert

Consulting and testifying expert engagements in several matters involving governmental regulation and allegedly flawed commercial and governmental procurement of computer equipment and other regulatory and tax issues. These plaintiff and defense matters have involved such subject areas as:

  • Testified at state government hearing regarding protest of a governmental procurement.
  • Prepared report regarding rescission of a computer contract signed under suspicious circumstances.
  • Prepared report in an immigration matter relating to a computer professional’s immigration status.
  • Prepared report in a tax matter relating to portion of computer system investment attributable to taxable versus non-taxable items.

Brooks Hilliard’s efforts have included the production of opinion letters and affidavits, assistance with settlement negotiations, deposition testimony and public testimony at a regulatory agency hearing.

Attorney references and case captions are available on request.

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Business Automation has been engaged in more than 50 suits between computer and software vendors and their customers, including engagements by both vendors’ and customers’ law firms.

Areas of expertise

Brooks Hilliard has been qualified as an expert on software defects, computer hardware defects and flawed computer system implementation, including matters related to all types of business software. He has also worked as an expert in patent and trade secret litigation.

Law firm clients

Business Automation has been engaged by several of the country’s largest law firms, as well as local firms throughout the United States.

Expert experience

Brooks Hilliard has been a consulting and/or testifying expert in more than 90 computer and software-related cases in more than 30 states.  He has been qualified to testify in both state and federal jurisdictions.


Fewer than 15 consultants in the world
have been awarded both the Certified Management Consultant™ (CMC®)
and the Certified Computing Professional (CCP) designations.

Team of Experts

Business Automation has Associates specializing in Software Quality, Call Center management and Systems, Software Project Management, Software Development, Computer Forensics, and Telecommunications systems and networks.