Edward F. Weller III

Ed Weller, an independent information technology consultant, had 25 years of experience in hardware, test, software, and systems engineering prior to focusing on process improvement in the early 1990s. He was a Senior Fellow at the Bull HN Information Systems Large Systems Division (formerly Honeywell). This position required a wide body of knowledge in design and test across multiple disciplines, which has enabled him to evaluate and understand problems and solutions from a system’s perspective, rather than viewing a problem one-dimensionally as a development or test problem. His experience also included large (400+) and small (3-5) person projects, enabling him to understand and evaluate development processes in large or small projects. This broad set of experiences has expanded over the years as he has worked with companies in the financial, medical, defense, service, and high technology fields with long-term, large projects to short-term, small projects and maintenance organizations.

Ed is a recognized expert in process improvement. He served on the SEI’s Measurement Steering Committee, the Embry-Riddle Industry Advisory Board, and the Software Acquisition Best Practices Initiative. His IEEE Software article “Lessons Learned from Three Years of Inspection Data” was awarded Best Article of 1993 Honors. He has over 40 conference presentations and tutorials, and contributed the chapter 40 “Applying Statistical Process Control to Software” in IT Measurement: Practical Advice from the Experts. He is an authorized instructor for the Introduction to CMMI® and is an SEI-certified SCAMPISM High Maturity Lead Appraiser, a required certification to lead Level 4 and Level 5 SCAMPISM appraisals for record.

Mr. Weller was a co-founder and first co-chair of the Software Inspection and Review Organization, a special interest group promoting the use of the inspection process. He was the Program Chair of the International Conference on the Applications of Software Measurement in 1996, 1999, 2000, and 2001, 2002.

Edward Weller holds two patents related to computer technology and is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and the Florida Institute of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Weller and his wife reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.